About PhilR

I discovered my passion for the outdoors and in particular mountains after a family holiday to North Wales in 2005, when we all went up Snowdon on the train, it was a beautiful sunny day, the air was so crisp and clear and the views where stunning, I remember thinking to myself that I would like to come back and walk to the top, sure enough my wife and I returned for a weekend in May 2006 and we did just that via the popular Pyg and Miners tracks, Although we didn't get the far reaching views from our first visit as cloud surrounded the summit we where however lucky enough to have the summit to ourselves a rare event these days. The one thing that struck us was the total silence, it was wonderful, and so my obsession with the mountains and hills began.

Did I take the leap......... No!! My head for heights got the better of me.
Living in Oxfordshire with my wife and 2 daughters I try and get out in the hills as often I can, usually with my dog Megan a Border Collie. I also enjoy road cycling and I'm a member of Bicester Millennium Cycling club, I try and go on as many club rides as I my diary dictates, I like to enter as many Sportives as I can and challenge myself on the bike. I used to play a lot of football in my younger days, when I stopped playing it coincided with me discovering the outdoors which is keeping me sane, as i can't sit still!! I need to be doing something energetic or I'll go crazy!! I just couldn't cope with a relaxing beach holiday, I would need to get up and do something!!

A big thank you must go to my patient wife and kids who put up with me regularly going away for a weekend in the outdoors.

I hope you find my blog of interest, if you do please comment or join in ...... Enjoy