Friday, 13 January 2017

Malverns twice in 3 days

Two separate trips to the #MalvernHills within 3 days one on #MTB with mates and one on CX bike as I had a few hours to kill while in the area.

Sunday myself and 3 mates went over to the Malvern Hills and biked the full range end to end and back. Weather was cloudy and turned wet and cold but we were treated to an inversion when we got higher up, which was nice.

Wednesday and a few hours to kill so why not bike from Worcester to top of the Beacon and back. Clear but extremely windy.


  1. They catch some really interesting (if that's the word) winter weather, the Malverns. If you're up on the crest of the ridge and it's blowing an easterly it can be surprisingly biting; not Cairngorm biting, but a bit more than you might expect at 1,400 feet. Also, there's an outstanding pasty shop in Worcester - The Cornish Bakehouse.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dave, agree the Malverns although small in terms of height and be extremely bracing up on the top when the wind blows. Next time I'm in Worcester will have to check out the pasty shop, you can't beat a good pasty.