Monday, 15 August 2016

Malvern Hills - Mountain Biking

Yesterday I headed over to the Malvern Hills for a Mountain Bike ride. I started at Hollybush and did a linear out and back route north over the whole Malvern range. it was a bit overcast but the visibility was very clear so I managed to get some great views. I also took my new phone an iPhone SE so all photos taken here are from my phone which has a 12 mp camera and I'm impressed in the quality for a phone camera.

The route started with a bit of an evil climb straight out of the car park which really got the heart and lungs warmed up. it dropped down slightly before gaining more height through a wooded section. I eventually came out on top of the ridge. I then met around 20 odd Old English Sheep dogs out on a group walk. I knew one of them would be called Digby after the movie and sure enough one was, if you are a child of the 70's then you will know which movie I'm on about if not then here you go a link, they don't make then like this anymore :-)

I then went past Clutters Cave and British Camp dropping down to cross the A449 before picking up the ridge again over Pinnacle & Perseverance Hill. These were steep to get up good job I have a triple chainset. Next up was the long climb up to Worcestershire Beacon, this is hard but nowhere as steep as the previous two climbs IMO. It is just a long drag up. but you are rewarded for your effort with some spectacular 360 deg views. I then dropped down the other side and circled North Hill before heading back the way I came, stopping at the cafe by teh car park for British Camp, this was a very friendly and reasonably priced cafe £1.90 for a large latte, can't go wrong. Once refreshed I completed the route back to the car.

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