Friday, 12 August 2016

Levisham Moor & the Hole of Horcum

While on a family holiday to the North York Moors recently we ventured out on a couple of walks. One of these walks was to see the Hole of Horcum and across Levisham Moor to Skelton Tower to catch the North York Moors Railway steaming its way up the picturesque valley below.

We parked in the large car park which sits above the Hole of Horcum on the A169 Pickering to Whitby road. Walking across the road to the path you are faced with a view down into the Hole of Holcrum a stunning natural amphitheatre. Following the path round passing through a gate we then walked across Levisham Moor and a very clear track. We eventually reached Dundale Pond which was surrounded by plenty of highland cattle who were sitting comfortably on the path. We had Megan our Border Collie with us so decided not to disturb them and did a slight detour round them towards our goal Skelton Tower.

Skelton Tower sits above Newton Dale and affords some great views of the track for the North York Railway which winds its way through the valley. Whilst sitting enjoying our refreshments in the distance we heard the whistle so waited around to capture the Train steaming through the tree lined valley below. Once it passed we then set off back to Dundale Pond, the Highland Cattle still sitting there quite content.

We then headed straight down Dundale Griff passing yet more Higland Cattle grazing on the path edge; it barely paid us any attention as we walked past. The path meets up with another which goes through the base of the Hole of Horcum before rising up again to meet the path back to the car park. An Ice Cream from the van in the car park was enjoyed before heading back to the holiday cottage.

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