Monday, 20 June 2016

First 200+ mile bike ride

I completed my first 200+ mile ride on Saturday as I did the cycling clubs annual Tommy Godwin ride. Tommy Godwin was an endurance cyclist who holds the record for the number of miles ridden in a year; he averaged over 200 miles a day, hence the 200+ mile challenge ride.

To complete the distance we did 4 loops of over 50 miles which meant if anyone was struggling then they wouldn’t have 90-100 miles to get home. This worked well and also helped psychologically as it helped break the ride down into more manageable chunks.

We started at 4:30am and finished at a local pub at 8:15pm, where we toasted the days achievements. We also stopped at the Green Dragon Eco Farm halfway round this is a regular stop for our club rides and they did a great job in looking after us by making us some fresh chicken & pasta which was fantastic and really helped. A total moving time of 12hrs 43mins and averaged 16.5 mph for the 210 miles completed. Here is my Strava ride detail.

It was a hard day but very enjoyable in a great group, I really didn’t feel like I had ridden over 200 miles, although writing this now 2 days later my legs are certainly telling they have.

Lunch stop - Chicken & Pasta at Green Dragon Eco Farm

155 miles in quick stop to refuel in Woodstock

It didn't last long - toasting the achievement 

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