Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lyn y Fan Fawr & Fan Brycheiniog

This straightforward if rather wild and rugged walk climbs open hillside to reach a beautiful, hidden glacial lake Llyn y Fan Fawr, from the small car park on the narrow mountain road between Trecastle and Glyntawe our route wound its way along several ill-defined paths so much so that the best-defined path across the hillside is very easy to miss, in fact we did miss it. A map & compass are recommended although I didn’t need one on this occasion as it was a clear sunny day. Having said that we did lose the ‘actual’ path on numerous occasions but we could see the direction we were heading so just made our way towards Fan Brycheiniog, the ground under foot was rather boggy and my daughter lost her trainer which got stuck in the bog. We retrieved it but she then found it easier to just walk barefoot across sodden ground.

As we gained height we could make out the clear path heading up the steep slope, we reached the stunning Llyn y Fan Fawr which remained hidden until the last minute and sat and ate some of our lunch whilst Megan played in the clear waters. Llyn y Fan Fawr is the highest lake in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Looks to me like a good spot for a wild camp.

After our rest and refreshments we headed up the steep slope topping out at Bwlch Giedd then continuing on the clear path towards Fan Brycheiniog summit trig point and shelter, we then walked along the ridge to the cairn on Fan Foel. At this point the girls headed back to the shelter and I went to the western edge of Fan Foel to photograph the stunning view along Bannau Sir Gaer to Llyn y Fan Fach. This in my opinion is one of I not the best view in the Brecon Beacons, I could quite happily sit there for hours just admiring it.

I headed back to the shelter to regroup with my family and we retraced our route back down to Llyn y Fan Fawr and the boggy trudge back to the car across often pathless terrain.

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  1. Looks absolutely epic. And what a lovely dog you've got!