Monday, 21 March 2016

Peace, Quiet & Solitude on the Nantlle Ridge

Yes I know it is a long way to go for a day walk from North Oxfordshire to Rhyd Ddu in Snowdonia but it was certainly worth it. I had kept an eye on the Met Office mountain weather forecast which stated the western summits would be cloud free my fingers were firmly crossed and I was really hoping this was the true as I drove along the A4086 in the shadows of the overcast and gloomy Glyderau. Sure enough it was proved correct as I drove from Beddgelert up to Rhyd Ddu in the sunshine this side of Snowdon was certainly the place to be.

I parked up in Rhyd Ddu the car park was full and I was lucky to get one of the final couple of spaces. Megan was keen to get going after a 3 ½ hour car journey and was whimpering at my apparent lack of haste in putting on the walking boots, once ready we set off over the road towards Y Garn and the Nantlle Ridge. There no way of glorifying the walk up Y Garn it is a trudge up steep grassy slope, basically head down and crack on. We stopped halfway up to have a rest, the views across to Snowdon where fantastic after a while I dragged myself back onto my feet and chalked off the rest of the climb. The summit of Y Garn gave some great views along the ridge, there was no one around and pleasantly no wind so I just chilled out taking photos I then sat down and just enjoyed the surroundings, bliss.

We then set off along the ridge towards Mynydd Drws-y-coed which required plenty of hands on scrambling and careful route decisions with Megan as she struggled on some bits. Once beyond this another incline up onto Trum y Ddysgl were we could now see the Obelisk across a narrow ridge. The sun was now covered by cloud but the sun’s rays were shining through and onto the obelisk, it was very nice sight, we still hadn’t seen anyone at all and it became obvious I was the only person up here on the whole ridge, so again I just sat down chilled out and took everything in. still no wind and I really enjoyed just sitting there with Megan by my side appreciating the peace, quiet and solitude.

I could have sat there all day but decided I would go across the airy ridge to the Obelisk once there I had the decision to go down the valley and back to the car past prince of Wales quarry and Beddgelert forest or stay up on the ridge and back the way I came, as I was enjoying the solitude up on the ridge I decided to re trace my steps back to Y Garn summit, where I again chilled out taking photos of the setting sun, it would have been a perfect night for a wildcamp but as I didn’t have my gear I had to drag myself away and made a hasty return back down to the car park before it got dark.

A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing walk especially having the ridge to myself.


  1. Hi Phil,

    Have tried to contact you through Flickr, I wanted to ask for permission to use a shot of yours as a background for a social media team line up graphic, I work for Team Sky pro cycling. Are you able to drop me a message either here or on Flickr? thanks very much Dave

    1. Hi Dave, Sorry for late reply I must have missed the comment. if not too late yes no problem at all as long as I get the recognition for taking the photo. Which one do you want?