Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Rain, Sleet, Hail , Snow & Gales just an average walk up the High Street.

We had it all on our walk up High Street on Sunday, even a tiny pocket of blue sky although that didn't last long.

This weekend had been planned long in advance and we really did pick a weekend to head to the Lakes. We had every intention on this trip to go across Striding Edge but this soon became apparent that it would not be safe given the gale force winds forecast. So we decided to opt for a 'safe' walk up onto High Street, safe it was but we were still battered by the elements, the MWIS forecast stated 'Severe Buffeting likely' they were not wrong.

We made the wise choice of not camping this time and stayed in a Bunkhouse at Skyside campsite on the Saturday night where we also had a meal at the Brothers Water Inn & sampling the local Ale, well it would have been rude not to. Anyway it was in the pub with the map spread out on the table where we planned our alternative route choices and came up with a walk up onto High Street.

So Sunday morning came and with porridge filled tummies we set off out the campsite and down the road towards Hartsop. At Hartsop a bridge was damaged and not in use probably from the recent flooding the river was still high and flowing very quickly indeed, it was noticeable on the whole walk just how much water is streaming off the mountains into the rivers which look like they are close to their limit I do sincerely hope there is a break in the weather to let everything settle down again or else I fear they could well go again.

It was a steady climb up to Hayswater, after crossing the bridge we then made our way up the saturated ground towards the Knott we saw three deer making a sharp exit from our vicinity. Once up on the higher ground the wind really did batter us making progress difficult as we leaned into it. We were now in the snow line and picked up the Main High Street path. It was not pleasant walking along to the trig point and this was apparent as the conversation between Mitch and I ceased it was a case of head down and keep walking. 

We eventually reached the summit point we didn’t hang around a quick selfie and we set off towards the beacon on Thornthwaite Crag we sheltered here behind the wall long enough to consult the map we made the decision to drop down to Pasture Bottom from Threshthawaite Mouth rather than heading back up on Stony Cove Pike. I was gald we did for two reasons, firstly it was good to get out the worst of the elements and secondly the Valley we dropped down into was stunning. Once further down we stopped for lunch and a warming hot chocolate. We followed the path down the valley back to Hartsop then returned along the road to Skyside campsite, where some more local ale along with a steak & ale pie waited for our return. 


  1. Great blog and some excellent photos. Really enjoyed reading...Nige.

    1. Thanks Nige, comment is greatly appreciated

  2. Great blog and some excellent photos. Really enjoyed reading...Nige.