Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Aran Ridge in the sunshine

It had been well over a month since my last proper walk so I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms, with the weather looking particularly good this weekend I made a hasty dash for a day walk on the Aran Ridge. The day started well as I drove over the B4391 I could see temperature inversions lower down clinging to Llyn Tegid that got my hopes up for the forthcoming day. My expectations were well and truly met as the inversion hung around long enough for me to park up set off and get above it to capture it on the camera.

I parked up at the small free car park in Llanuwchllyn with the walk up the Aran Ridge being clearly signposted. The walk up the ridge is clear with plenty of ladder stiles to negotiate this also confirms you are on the right track. It is fairly easy going with a long gradual ascent until you reach an obvious steep section just before Aran Benllyn. Once on Aran Benllyn it is still a surprising distance to Aran Fawddwy. The last time I was up here is was covered in snow the banner photo of the ladder stile at the top of my homepage was taken then I stood in the same place and took the same photo this time no snow and clear blue skies.

During the final little scramble up onto the summit of Aran Fawddwy I could hear voices sure enough there were about 8 people milling around these were the first people I had seen since I left the car park, amazing to think that on such a lovely weekend day I saw absolutely no one on the whole route up and it is not a short walk either. Megan had a power nap after she had her lunch while I sat and ate my mine and enjoyed the view down into Mid Wales. We then set off suitably refreshed and nourished back the way we came down the ridge. It was a long day 12 hours door to door but worth the effort.

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