Monday, 30 March 2015

Malvern Hills with my 2 girls

With my wife working all day on Saturday I decided to drag my girls away from the telly for a walk in the Malvern Hills to be fair to them there was not any grumblings about it at all, and we happily made our way over to the Malvern’s after making a packed lunch. It was extremely windy and due to this it ended up being two walks in one. We parked at British Camp car park and made our way up onto the exposed ridge, the wind was so strong they were struggling to stand up and walk in it being lanky skinny things they are. So I decided we should drop back down where we found a bench and sat and ate our lunch. Whilst eating we decided to just tackle Worcestershire Beacon instead of the full walk we had planned so we headed back to the car and drove to the foot of Worcestershire Beacon.

View towards British Camp

View west towards Black Mountains

We turned round not long after here due to high winds

Thankfully the wind had eased slightly (only slightly) but much easier to walk in, halfway up on the right hand path is a very small outcrop of rocks, I remember as small kids they used this as a mini rock climbing adventure now much older and taller the adventure didn’t seem so foreboding or exciting as two or three steps and they had conquered the once ominous rock face. My oldest even mentioned this, “I remember this being much bigger”.

Heading up Worcestershire Beacon

Playing with the GoPro

As we approached the top I attached the GoPro to Megan for a Dog’s POV, the result was quite good I’m hoping to give this another try on a ridge in Snowdonia in the near future. We stopped for a snack break on one of the benches at the top before making our way back down; playing with the GoPro filming ourselves running down the slopes which was great fun.

Megan's turn with the GoPro

Worcestershire Beacon top

Worcestershire Beacon top

Worcestershire Beacon top

Worcestershire Beacon top

View east over Malvern

We certainly didn't see any gold

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