Wednesday, 4 March 2015

GoPro Hero Tests

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero entry level camera, here are a couple of test videos. One featuring Megan my Border Collie at the local park using a GoPro fetch Dog Harness and the other on a short local bike ride.

The fetch harness worked ok, Megan as you can see is a very active Border Collie and therefore does not know the meaning of slow, I kept having to re tighten the straps as they came undone easily while she was running fast, in the end I tied a knot in the strap to keep them done up. Megan seemed to have no discomfort issues with the harness but she is used to wearing a harness (Ruffwear Webmaster) when we walk in the hills and mountains. The Harness works fine when she is walking or in a gentle jog but when she went flat out chasing and catching the Frisbee the result leaves you feeling a bit motion sickness, I think it should work well on a walk in the hills and I'm hoping to try this out very soon.

The bike mount worked very well indeed and kept the camera steady throughout the ride, I'm happy with the results and looking forward to further testing.

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