Monday, 9 February 2015

Arenig Fawr Winter Wildcamp

Looking at the perfect winter walking weather from the office window all week I was getting jealous and starting planing a winter wildcamp for the Friday night. The plan would be to travel straight to Snowdonia from work which should leave me with enough light to get up to a pitch. I know and like Arenig Fawr very well so I decided on that also it meant less travel time. Ryan a friend of mine accompanied me on this trip.

We managed a brisk walk up in the fading light to a pitch I've used before. once the tents were up we didn't hang around as it was a bit parky to say the least. luckily and bizzarly I had full 3G signal so watched the rugby on my phone.

The next morning we woke to zero visibility in thick fog, so we just re traced our steps and headed down, typically as we were walking back past the lake the sun came out and cleared to cloud fairly quickly, tempting as it was to head back up we continued back to the car to be home mid saturday afternoon to obtain very useful brownie points :-)

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