Monday, 3 November 2014

Family walk in Dovedale

On Saturday we went for a spontaneous and very enjoyable family walk in Dovedale in the White Peak area of the Peak District.

We arrived at a busy Dovedale car park at 11:30 and from here we walked up the river to Milldale where we enjoyed a nice cuppa and slice of cake before returning back to the stepping stones area where I, accompanied by my dog Megan went for a quick walk up Thorpe Cloud. My wife and kids opting to say at the bottom. Photos of the walk are below.

Dovedale from Thorpe Cloud

Steeping Stones

Lunch stop view

Megan close up


Walk the plank

Budding climbers??

View from back of the cave

Milldale bridge

Tea Break

Milldale - Polly's tea shop


Megan ready to go

Heading up Thorpe Cloud

Thorpe Cloud

Looking Down

Looking up - yes that is me sitting enjoying the view, photo taken by my wife

One very happy dog


  1. Lovely photos Phill
    Dovedale is one of my favourite places.

    1. Thanks Steve, appreciated. Our first time there and we really enjoyed it.