Monday, 22 September 2014

Fan Fawr and beyond

With a mild bout of Manflu preventing a planned camp in the Rhinogs on Friday I had thankfully recovered enough to go for a long overdue walk on Sunday, So I headed to the Brecon Beacons and Fan Fawr, I have previously done this walk but on that occasion the weather was not the best for far reaching views. the photos and report for that trip can be found here

As I have said a good walk was long overdue and it was fantastic to head out in to the hills again especially on such a glorious sunny day. Storey Arms was packed with cars spilling out the car parks and onto the grass verges yet Fan Fawr was deserted I wonder where they all went to? answers on postcard please.

Pen y Fan from Fan Dringarth

This walk would be a mixture of defined path and just roaming around getting from point A to point B across whatever terrain presents itself which on a clear day when the nav is not so crucial is great fun. There was still some pockets of early morning hill fog around when I set off but this soon cleared as I headed up the steep side of Fan Fawr, It was while we where heading up Fan Fawr that Megan my dog somehow found a tennis ball (which had seen better days) Only my dog can find a tennis ball in the middle of nowhere! The summit afforded some nice views of Corn Du I could see the trig point further along the plateau so set off towards it.

Fan Fawr from the roadside

Fog clearing

Me and my shadow

Fan Fawr summit cairn

Once at the trig point (which is very patriotic) I had a brief stop to watch some ponies walk by without a car in the world, before we set off down the valley passing close to these wonderful wild animals they didn't seem to mind me and I could get close to them but they did keep and eye on Megan but she was too pre-occupied with her ball and paid them no attention whatsoever.

We descended pathless through long grass down to cross the Afon Dringarth and then a steep slog up onto Fan Dringarth, where we were met by more ponies, I then picked up the path and headed out to Fan Llia where I stopped for lunch, the previous night we had all gone out for a curry with some friends and not wanting to waste anything I took a doggy bag home and this was my lunch, certainly the best place I've eaten an Inadian takeaway.

Taking in the view


Ystradfellte Reservoir, with Fan Llia above

Afon Dringarth

Me and my shadow #2

Fan Dringarth

Indian Takeaway
After lunch we headed back past Fan Dringarth along the Beacon Way I then went off piste again by cutting the corner before picking up the Beacons Way again back down to Storey Arms and the car. A fantastic day for a walk and one I really enjoyed I only saw a handful of people all people all day in fact I think I saw more wild ponies than people, I will nt leave it so long for a walk next time, I promise.

When I got back to the car I put the camera on the roof and opened the boot Megan jumping in and settling down, I got changed into a clean top and back in trainers for the drive home....... 10 miles down the road the other side of Merthyr I suddenly thought "I can't remember taking the camera off the roof!!" I pulled in and to my relief and surprise there was the camera still sitting on the roof!! How Lucky!! but equally what a plonker!!!

Megan #1

Fan Gyhirych & Fan Brycheiniog

Beacons Way

Megan #2
Pen y Fan/Corn Du & Fan Fawr

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  1. A fine walk and pictures.
    I don't recall the red dragon on the trig, looks quite smart.
    I wish the Brecons wern't on the wrong side of the M6/M5 from us, we would be there a lot more often.

    1. Hi Geoff thanks for the comment. I also liked the trig, very patriotic. It looked like a recent addition I was up there in Dec 2012 and it wasn't there then. On days like this the Brecons is a great place to walk.