Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Rhobell Fawr Family Wild Camp

When my wife said to me late last week ‘It is going to be a nice weekend I fancy camping out in the hills’ it took me less than a second to agree, then the cogs started turning in my mind, where shall we go? My 11 year daughter would also be joining us and of course our dog Megan making it a real family night out with a difference. Therefore I had to think of somewhere that was easily accessible and not too taxing a walk yet would also give us that remote experience, Pumlumon initially came to mind but my wife and I have already camped up there so after a rethink Rhobell Fawr was the answer.

Rhobell Fawr stands at 734m and is actually an extinct volcano; it is a rarely visited peak with many passing it by heading for the more popular peaks. Yet its solitary position at the southern end of the Arenig range give wonderful views in all directions to the Arans, Cadair Idris, Rhinogs, Snowdon and Arenig Fawr all easy visible on a clear day.

We set off from Llanfachreth, this would be a simple out and back route. There is a good sized car park next to the school on the edge of the village and the clear path starts the other side of the school and heads up to a farm with the surrounding fields covered in sheep. The path then splits taking the left split up to a gate. I was then totally thrown as the last time I walked up here this was a lovely walk through some trees, this time just over a year later and the whole area has been chopped down, it took me a few minutes just to confirm I was on the right path as this was something I did not expect to see, and to be honest I found it a bit sad really.

Passing through another couple of gates we then came out and walked across a carpet of blue as bluebells were all over the place which made for a very picturesque scene with the mountains as a backdrop. Following the path we soon joined the track and headed up to Bwlch Goriwared at which point there is a ladder stile on the right and some sheep pens there is also a wall which is winds its way straight up to the summit, so if visibility is not great follow this and you can’t go wrong, luckily for us the visibility was good albeit a bit hazy.

It is a fairly straight forward walk up to the summit with a couple of steeper sections but in general a steady gradient and something which my 11 year old accomplished without too much bother (or grumbling). Having said that she was happy when we arrived at the trig point which meant no more climbing, the plan was to camp on the summit as there are plenty of good spots trouble was it was quite windy on the exposed peak so we set up camp just the other side of the wall as shelter, not the best pitch in the world but the wind break worked well. With the tents pitched it was time for dinner and we sat and enjoyed our feast in the fading light, time was now about 9:30pm and my wife and daughter retreated to the warmth of the sleeping bags in their tent. I stayed up for a little bit with the camera but it wasn’t long before I too settled down for the night.

Camping out with my dog I’m always awoken early in the morning by Megan wanting to get out. This time her timing was impeccable as I unzipped the door and got out an orange glow was growing on the horizon. So I grabbed the camera and set up ready for the sunrise, it wasn’t the clearest or best sunrise I have witnessed but nevertheless it was still very enjoyable watching it.

When I got back from messing around with the camera it was time for breakfast, porridge and hot chocolate which went down a treat. We then packed up and started heading down the same route we came up. We got back to the car around 10am and headed home. This was a quick and simple night out on an excellent and overlooked peak.



Welcome to Jurassic Park - Strange structure near Llanfachreth



  1. Beautiful looking area and some great photos taken.

    1. Thanks Mark greatly appreciated. It is a very nice area and very quiet been there twice now and apart from the people I was with have seen no one else.