Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive…… Sign errors

Well the last few days have been quite busy for me; it started off with the Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive on Saturday. I had opted for the 76 mile medium route knowing that I was heading straight over to Snowdonia afterwards I didn’t want to knacker myself out before getting there by doing the long 95 mile route. However due to event organisation errors with the signs the medium route followed the short route and therefore I only did 58 miles!! On the plus side as a result of the shorter distance I felt fresh and strong for the final climb up the cobbled street of Michaelgate to the finish in the Castle/Cathedral square. The other thing about this ride was the wind it really was a ride of two halves heading east into the Wolds with a tailwind was very nice indeed yet heading back to Lincoln against a strong headwind all on my own with no one to share the burden was not so nice.
In the end I finished in a total time of 3:25 placing me 19/411 so although I was a bit disappointed I didn’t do the 76 mile distance I was fairly happy with the result.

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