Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Plans

The below is basically a wish list, how much of it that comes to fruition we will see but I’m hopeful I can get most of this done in 2014

2 Feet and Two Wheels

Welsh 3 peaks cycling between them in a weekend.

2 Feet
Rhinogs traverse/wildcamp as I didn’t really accomplish the full traverse in 2013 due to inclement weather and a very wet and cold dog.

A good winter walk, would be nice to at least try and get ice axe and crampons out!!
More Lake District maybe fit in a 2 night trip if I have time.

As usual plenty of trips over to Wales including wildcamps with the family as it doesn’t look like we will be having a main family holiday this year.
A Scotland trip would be great in particular I’m keen on the Isle of Aran however I seriously doubt I will get a chance to head up there, but you never know.

A landscape photography course would be cool, try to hone and improve the skills by someone who knows what are doing instead of me trying to teach myself.

Two Wheels
Lake District – The Fred Whitton challenge, 112 miles and all the major climbs. Either the main event in May or just go and do the route some other time.

Wales – Head over to Wales (South, Central and North) for some decent hill climbing in some beautiful countryside.
Racing, I did my first two 4th cat races towards the end of the season last year and managed to pick up some points so might try a few more, who knows may get enough points to move up to 3rd cat??? But I doubt it   :-D

Try and set a PB on a 10mile TT, currently 25:05 (on road bike with clip on aero bars)
Just continue to get in the miles, keep fit and enjoy the banter of my fellow BMCC club members.

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