Tuesday, 10 December 2013

TGO Readers Photos - I'm in print!

The latest TGO magazine came through my door yesterday and to my pleasant surprise one of my photos was on page 112 the readers photos section. Obviously I'm very happy about this. :-)

Below is a scan of the page and also the actual photo. I think the main photo by Matthew Holland of the camp in the trees in a brilliant shot.

For further photos and TR from the walk up Beinn Damh, which is where I took the photo click here


  1. Thanks Mark, much appreciated. It is only a little postage stamp size photo, but it is still mine :-)

  2. Excellent effort and a really nice photo. Always good to get recognition in a magazine :)

    1. Thanks Dave. I was very pleased to see it in there........... I think they must have got fed up with me bombarding them with photos. :D