Monday, 2 December 2013

Kirk Fell

Not much to write about on this one really. We arrived, we conquered and we went down again. J
Ok I’ll expand on it a bit but in essence that is exactly what happened. After a good drive up to the Lakes from Oxfordshire during which the sat nav sent us up Birker Fell which to be honest was enjoyable as it afforded some nice views across the fells we arrived at Wasdale Head campsite although on the drive along the lakeside I did stop to take a picture of ‘Britain’s favourite view’ conditions were not favourable for a good photo and I certainly did not do the view any justice at all, oh well.

The campsite was, well empty! Not surprising really for a late November Sunday/Monday night stay. After we got booked in and pitched the tent we still had time for quick and I do mean quick ‘up & down’ Kirk Fell, so off we went.
The SW path up Kirk Fell via Highnose head was steep and relentless but on the plus side we did gain height fairly rapidly so it was head down on plod on……. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t long really before the gradient eased and we were making our way across the snow-capped peak to the summit cairn. It was bitterly cold on the top but we still stopped for a while to have a snack etc we were joined by a crow or raven wasn't quite sure which but it was big so I reckon it was raven, might be wrong though anyway who cares. It was a friendly ‘bird’ as it edged closer to us.

We then headed back down the same route we came up as the light faded. We were passed by a couple of fell runners who made the descent down the steep path look easy….. Gits!! Stopping halfway down to rest and basically just sit and admire the view, bliss. After getting down the warmth of the pub fire and Cumberland sausage washed down with local ale was just the ticket and set us up perfectly for the Great Gable the next day.

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