Friday, 11 October 2013

Birthday Walk - Ashridge Estate & Ivinghoe Beacon

Yesterday was my birthday or how I like to view it the anniversary of my 21st birthday.

Anyway I took the day off and Alison and I went for a nice local walk around the Ashridge Estate in which we also included Pitstone Hill and Ivinghoe Beacon which is the Start or End point of the Ridgeway National Trail depends on which way you go.

It really was a lovely clear day but a noticeable drop in temperature made it a bit chilly. After the walk we had a lovely lunch at the cafe near Bridgewater Monument before heading home.

Bridgewater Monument


Must be that way then

Heading up onto Pitstone Hill

Chasing a stick, as usual

Pitsone Windmill and Vale of Aylesbury beyond

Ivinghoe Beacon

Usual Trig point photo, looking towards the Dunstable Downs

The Beacon Trig

Inchcombe Hole again

Fun Guy!

Ashridge Estate woods

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