Tuesday, 22 October 2013

2 Feet and Two Wheel challenge for 2014 - Maybe?

I'm looking at combining my 2 Feet and Two Wheel activities into one challenge for 2014, I'm still in the initial thoughts / planning stages but I have a mad idea to do the national 3 peak challenge and cycling between each peak.

Initial thoughts are it will take a week, I will need a support vehicle (my wife) with spare parts, tyres, tubes etc etc. food, drink, walking gear the list goes on and on............. I would start with Ben Nevis then cycle to Scafell Pike and Snowdon, as I mentioned I think it will take around a week, I would need to plan the cycle rides to suitable motels (Travelodge, Premier Inn you know the sort of thing) along the route. I wouldn't go mad probably average around 110 miles a day at a steady pace on the cycling only days and 40-50 miles on the cycling & walking days.

I already have a training weekend in mind, to do the Welsh 3 Peaks in a weekend. This is something I'm looking at doing during spring 2014 and this will go along way to see how I tackle the main challenge, it might even put me off completely :-)
Day one walk Snowdon, cycle 38 miles to Cadair Idris and walk Cadair Idris.
Day two cycle 86 miles to Pen y Fan and walk Pen y Fan.

Am I mad? Am I biting off more than I can chew? Do I do this for a charity? all these questions I'm already asking myself, time will tell. let the planning commence.......


  1. sounds like a very good idea Phil! I'd be up for the Welsh 3 peaks if you wanted company? As you know I live in South Wales so Pen-y-Fan is only 40 miles away :)

    Charity angle would be good

    As an aside I was tempted to do a London=Paris charity ride next summer for charity :D

    1. Sadly now looks like I will have to knock the main challenge on the head for 12 months, however the Welsh 3 peaks is still very much a possibility as the logistics and cost will be far less. That will be great, you will be more than welcome to join me (us - got a couple of friends interested) As and when I get more details / dates I will let you know.