Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Harter Fell - Family Wildcamp

As we were up in the North West of England we did a quick trip to the Lake District for a camp out, my youngest daughter who is 10 accompanied us so I picked a walk and camp spot that would not be that challenging yet was also easily accessible from the M6, so Haweswater Harter Fell it was. My plan was to camp by Small Water. We arrived in the fading light to find a busy car park, a gazebo and plenty of people mulling around, it was the 70 mile feed stop for the Lakeland 100 fell race, at least we knew our car would safe over night.

So we set off for the relativley easy walk up Nan Beild Pass and it wasn't long before we reached a nice small falt area next to a waterfall perfect for a couple of tents overlooking Haweswater, I made a mental note and good job I did as when we walked the short distance up to small water there where 2 tents pitched exactly where I wanted to be!! Grrr! Oh well back down to the spot I noticed, It really wasn't very far at all but enough to be out of sight of each other. After pitching both tents we fired up the jet boil and tucked into our dinner by which time the light was almost gone, so Alison and Kathryn retreated to the comfort of the sleeping bags while I played around with camera trying to improve my nightime photography, I'm slowly getting there although I now thinking the limitations are the camera not my knowledge of the settings.

The morning light woke me a 6:00am and I got up and started breakfast, Alison soon joined me but Kathryn was happily snuggled up and having a lie in. I took a few pictures then as the morning sun rose the midges came out!! It was like swarm and feeding frenzy for them, We told Kathryn to get up as where being eaten alive!! which she took literally and thought we were being attacked by some crazy Lake District monster. Anyway I packed the tents and equipment away in world record time and we continued on up to Small Water and the Nan Bein Pass to escape the little blighters.

While we were heading up to the shelter at the top of the pass, Kathryn started to struggle, I think a due to being woken so early and rudely by us and the midges. Anyway I took her rucksack off her and carried that on my front so she could walk freely up. Eventually we reached the shelter and stopped for a break and some refreshments, before continuing on up onto Harter Fell summit.

Once on the summit we stopped again for refreshments, it was here that Alison noticed I was covered in small red blotches...... those ruddy Midges!!!  We continued down to Gatescarth Pass, it was here that the first 4 participants of the Lakeland 100 passed us, the first guy looked knackered and to be fair I would have looked much worse in fact probably not even reached this point. so my hat goes off to him and all the people who took part. We got back to the car a quick change and headed in Keswick for some lunch. A very brief but enjoyable visit the the Lakes and another camp out for my daughter which she enjoyed.


  1. Nice TR and photo's there Phil. Great area around Hawsewater and one that I hope to visit again before the year is out. Pity about the midges!!

    1. Thanks Andy, I agree a great area and relatively quiet for the Lakes, It was only a short visit but the route and camp worked perfectly for my daughter. I really should spend more time up in the Lakes as it is stunning up there. Thanks for the comment.