Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rhinogs - Rain stops play!

I have been wanting to do a 2 day traverse of the Rhinogs for sometime, and we had originally planned to go the weekend previous to this, but poor weather conditions meant we wisely postponed the trip to the following weekend. So we arrived in nice sunny conditions however my planned route was to park the car in Trawsfynydd get the bus down to Bontddu then walk back to the car this feel apart when to arrived and looked at the bus timetable the next bus being over an hour and a half wait, so we decided to park the car up near Graigddu-isaf walk out north through the woods head up onto the northern Rhinogs and make our way back south. As I said we arrived in in sunny conditions and set off thinking we were in for a great couple of days......

The initial section took us on a very enjoyable walk through the woods heading north then out into open land this was tough going as there where no paths, we eventually made our way across to a path which ascended in the shadow of Craig Ddrwg.

We then reached a wall with a path leading up onto Clip and Moel Ysgyfarnogod, but we started to make our way south across the 'badlands' of the Northern Rhinogs, stopping for lunch on Craig Wion overlooking the two small lakes Llyn Twr-glas & Llyn Pryfed. The cloud was now starting to come in and we could no longer see the tops of Rhinog Fach & Fawr. As we made our way across the rocky landscape the cloud really did come in meaning the visibility was limited and making navigation a bit of a challenge to say the least, added to this it started to rain so what turned out to be a great start to the day ended up being, well eventful. At this point the camera went away in the rucksack which meant full concentration for the navigation, I can now see why it is called a 'Rhinog Mile' and after a few small retracing of steps we eventually navigated our way to the main path heading out the forest to the Roman Steps. By now we were a bit wet and Megan my dog looking very sorry for her self and soaked through. So I decided enough was enough and we abandoned the idea of a camp out which wouldn't have been much fun in that anyway and we headed back to the car.

This really hit home just how wild the Rhinogs can be especially in the clag and wet. I'm pleased I passed the impromptu navigation test thrown at me but disappointed that we had to leave early and abandon the camp out....... It's shame I haven't been free these last two weekends as the weather would have perfect for this traverse. Oh well they aren't going anywhere so I'll be back!!!

Belwo are photos of the trip before I put the camera away, The last few are when we came down out the clag and looked back, also a sorry wet looking Megan.

I want to go home!!

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