Monday, 8 April 2013

Wether Fell (Drumaldrace)

We have just got back from a nice week in the Yorkshire Dales staying in a nice cottage in the tiny farming village of Marsett in Raydale, which is serviced by one road in and out. Raydale really is beautiful hidden treasure of the Dales, I will be posting some separate pics of Raydale to highlight this secluded Dale and also my walk up Buckden Pike.

Anyway as it was close by I took the dog for a walk up onto Wether Fell straight from the cottage door. This would normally be a very accessible peak which has a track (High Cam Road) popular with mountain bikers running pretty much past the summit cairn. However last week with the bitterly cold and biting wind and high snow drifts this relatively straight forward walk became a bit more challenging, and probably because of this we were the only brave souls or more than likely loonies to venture out.

The route steeply gained height as we ascended out of Raydale up onto the High Cam Road, where we then trudged along high snow drifts before eventually reaching the cairn on Drumalrace after a short climb through knee deep drifts, we didn't linger long as the wind really was biting up there and Megan was starting to look cold, so we briskly made our way back down into Raydale and out of the wind.

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