Tuesday, 9 April 2013


As I stated in my previous post we have just spent a week in a cottage in the village of Marsett which is in Raydale in Yorkshire. It really was a beautiful and secluded dale.

As we were staying in Marsett we didn’t do a set walk around this area, we just explored small bits during the whole week. Our favourite walk and one which Megan my Border Collie became very accustomed to as it ended up being one of her daily dog walks was up to Park Scar waterfall from the cottage, following Marsett Beck as it wound its way past farm land full of young lambs and sheep bleating at us as we walked by. We past a number of smaller waterfalls leading up to the main event of Park Scar waterfall, when we first visited this early in the week there were large and quite deadly looking icicles, gradually during the week these melted away increasing the water flow.
The most prominent feature of Raydale has to be Semer Water. This is a large glacial lake which is actually the second largest lake in Yorkshire; a small beach can be accessed via a short but steep road (25%) down from Countersett. Legend has it that a lost village is under the water; the story goes that an old and poor man knocked on the door of all the houses in the village asking for alms, he was refused by all except one house. He then cursed the village by saying “Semerwater Rise! Semerwater Sink! And bury the town all save the house where they gave me meat and drink”. Apparently you can still see the tops of the houses if the conditions are favorable.
First 4 photos are Raydale in the morning sun, taken from just above the village of Marsett

Next 8 photos where taken on our daily dog walk to Park Scar Waterfall

Next 3 photos are of Semer Water


  1. Nice pics!

    I ssem to remember it's pretty quiet round there, if memory serves me well. Looks good, anyway.

    1. Thanks Jules, Yeah it is a very quiet area. There is a really nice low level walk around Semer Water, through Marsett with a slight detour to see the Waterfall and back the other side of Semer Water past an old ruined chapel. Was a bit cold last week, but I can imagine in the summer it being especially nice.