Thursday, 11 April 2013

Buckden Pike

I had in mind to do this peak before I went up to Yorkshire. There is a longer route from Kettlewell where you can add on Great Whernside, however a family trip to Hawes and the Wensleydale Creamery was planned for the afternoon so I just did the there and back route from the Village of Buckden.
The initial part of the walk passed through a sheep and cow filled field, all keeping and eye my dog Megan, she completely ignoring them and more focused on the fact there was an approaching woodland, which meant sticks!! We soon reached gate in a wall and this showed a sign of things to come. you could open the gate due to the snow drifts so a quick climb over and we where heading into open hillside covered in snow. As we gained height we passed some outcrops where the snow drifts where significant.

Passing another unmovable gate we started up the final steeper section to the summit following a wall. The wind was bitterly cold and the snow on the slopes was was fairly solid and frozen. It was close to requiring crampons etc, crampons in the Dales in April? what is going on. Anyway we reached the summit trig point, had a quick bite to eat, took some photos a headed back down as it really was cold on top, as it was open the elements all around.

Before setting off I back down I grabbed the walking pole form my rucksack. I've not used of these for a while now, but I was glad I did as it was very helpful when going down the frozen snow, On the way back down I spotted a lonely tree on the hill side and took a small detour over to take some pictures.
I eventually got back to the car and headed back tot he cottage, a fun afternoon was then spent tasting all kinds of Wensleydale Cheese....... Lovely.

I capture all my cycle rides on Strava phone app, I tried capturing this walk up Buckden Pike on it, seems to have worked well.



  1. Good to see you got to tick off this summit.

    Your weather looks a lot like the day we did it, but I think you had a bit more sunshine!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jules, I would have liked to have done the longer Kettlewell route but to be honest it was bitterly cold higher up so the shorter route suited me fine, besides Wensleydale cheese was calling me.
      The sun did make a difference when it came out especially to the photos.

  2. Good bit of snow up there Phil. One of my favorite hills in Yorkshire. Used my snow shoes last time I was up there.

    1. Yeah there was plenty of snow around quite deep in places, I could have done with some snow shoes myself for this trip. I can see why this is one of your favourites in Yorkshire I can imagine on a nice day with more time you could have a cracking day out up there. Thanks for the comment.