Monday, 4 February 2013

Chiltern Classic Reliability Ride - 50km

Yesterday (Sunday 3rd Feb) My friend David and I did the 50km route of the Hemel C.C. Chiltern Classic Reliability Ride.

Having just recently got over a bout of Manflu I thought it was best to do the 50km route and not the 100km route, I was glad I did as I think I may have struggled with the longer route having not been on a bike for nearly 3 weeks previous.

It was a very enjoyable yet tough ride around the Chilterns with plenty of hills to negotiate, especially in and out of Chesham and the climbs up Chenies Hill and Windmill Hill.

I will be stepping back up to 100km distance for the forthcoming Luton C.C Reliabilty ride on 24th Feb and again for the Harp Hilly Hundred on 3rd March.

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