Monday, 19 November 2012

White Horse Hill

The initial plan was to take advantage of the clear skies and have a family day out in the Peak District, a route was planned around Ladybower reserviour and up onto Derwent Edge. However with my wife and daughter nursing colds we decided to stay more local and headed over to Uffington White Horse Hill a 110m chalk horse in the hillside dating back some 3,000 years.

This is about as good as it gets in Oxfordshire when it comes to gaining height the trig point near the old hill fort is at 261m, however the views out across Oxfordshire and into Wiltshire are superb. In the distance you can see the landmark Didcot power station, not a pretty sight but a local landmark nevertheless. We then heading along the Ridgeway to Waylands Smithy which is a Neolithic long barrow and chamber tomb built around 3700 BC.

It was a lovely day for a walk and although a day in the Peak District would have been very nice, this proved that locally there are some good walks with plenty of history.

NT Sign

Before anyone says anything, the Sheep grazing field is not this one.

Going 'Off Path' in Oxfordshire

Great views though

The Manger


Not pretty, but still an Oxfordshire landmark. Didcot Power Station in the distance.

The White Horse - and my shadow.

Sheep Grazing on the old Hill Fort

A passing Ultralight Helicopter

Megan again running (what a surprise)

On the Ridgeway heading for Wylands Smithy

Wylands Smithy

Wylands Smithy

Wylands Smithy


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