Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Arenig Fawr

Arenig Fawr lies on the Eastern fringes of Snowdonia close to Bala and is undoubtedly one of my favourite mountains to visit. In fact the main photo on the top of this site showing me and my dog Megan was taken on Arenig Fawr summit last year. There is nothing excessively challenging about Arenig Fawr it is just so solitary and peaceful. If you are looking for peace and quiet then you can’t go wrong. Sunday for example was a lovely sunny day on an August bank holiday weekend, apart from a largish group having a picnic by Llyn Arenig Fawr I saw one other person throughout the whole 6 hours I was out. I doubt it was like that over in the honeypot peaks of the national park. Not only do you get all this peace and quiet the views from the summit are superb, literally the whole of Snowdonia is stretched out in front of you. Real eye candy for someone like me.

View of Llyn Celyn from where I parked the car
On this trip I planned to wildcamp on the southern slopes close to one of the many small Llyn’s and pools which are scattered around. This location was recommended to me by Geoff from v-g backpacking after my previous Arenig Fawr trip report which can be seen here. Now he was not wrong it was a great place to pitch a tent, and I did just that only problem was (and a bit of a schoolboy error) I took my new addition to the tent collection a TN Laser comp 1 which I was looking forward to trying out. After pitching I got in and thought “Mmm this might be a tight squeeze” as I had my dog Megan with me. I then put in my sleeping mat and my sleeping bag. I got in and this left no room for Megan. I didn’t fancy spending the night with a wet and mucky dog lying onto top of my down bag rummaging around trying to get comfortable and I certainly was not going to make her sleep outside…….So with a heavy heart and after many expletives and words I will not repeat in this report I started to pack up to head back to the car. As stated above it was a school boy error on my behalf, so what was this silly error. Well I didn’t bother checking the size of the tent to make sure we could “both” fit in before leaving home. I just thought “Oh there will be enough room for a dog”…. Prat!!

This silly mistake aside I still had a really enjoyable walk and although the light was fading I was in no hurry to get back to the car. Just before the descent down Y Castell I stopped and chilled out for a while taking in refreshments and watched the sky change colour. So all in all yet another cracking walk on Arenig Fawr, I’m still disappointed that I didn’t manage to camp out but hey the mountain is not going anywhere and I will return with the correct tent to suit the circumstances.

Arans in the distance

Megan along the track to Llyn Areng Fawr

Llyn Arenig Fawr

Heather & the Arans

First view of the summit

My usual trig photo

My planned camp spot is down there.

Return to the trig point


Llyn Arenig Fawr

Moon over the Arans


  1. Superb area and lovely moody shots of the skies and reflections.
    I've heard the LaserComp described as a 1½-man tent by very optimistic (and probably small!) people, so one might think a dog would fit. Having used one myself for years I don't think so, unless it slept in the porch.

    1. Hi Geoff, Thanks & I agree a fantastic area.
      I was so sure she would fit in but was gutted when I knew she couldn't. I know she wouldn't have been able to settle if she wasn't in the tent with me and would scratch at the door or wimper all night long, so decided to abandon it for another time.

  2. A great place for a wild camp, I camped there a couple of years ago. Megan could have slept in the porch with the inner door left open? That's what I do with Reuben in the Scarp when no midges around. He still ends up in the inner somehow though!

    1. Hi James, Good idea I must admit I didn't think of that. But like you say I bet she would still have ended up in the inner somehow. I walked past the Bothy on the way back to the car I was tempted but I knew dogs weren't allowed in that one so didn't risk it. Besides I had already settled in my mind that I was going home.

  3. Excellent blog and photos their Phil, and my inspiration for getting on Arenig Fawr, and who should I meet there today but your good self!

    I had a fantastic morning mate and it was good to meet you and your buddies...some shots from today should be appearing here at some point ;)


    1. Thanks for the comment Nick, I'm very pleased to hear this helped to inspire you to go to Arenig Fawr.
      It was really good to meet you yesterday, small world eh! I will look forward to seeing the results of your mornings work. My photos from yesterday will be on line later today hopefully.