Friday, 8 June 2012


The classic view of Slioch from the shores of Loch Maree make it appear impregnable, but there is a way to get up this brooding monster and in reality it is fairly straight forward. We parked in the car park at Incheril and set off to walk along the footpath following the Kinlochewe River as it flows into Loch Maree. This outbound journey was a pleasant flat walk of about 2 ½ miles and after crossing a footbridge over the Abhainn an Fhasaigh we turned immediately right admiring the numerous waterfalls as they cascaded down into the Loch.
Footpath along Kinlochewe River
More Waterfalls
B&W Waterfall
This is now where we started to gain height; we cut inland heading towards the col between Sgurr Dubh and Meall Each with the sound of fast flowing water gradually falling silent with each step. After many false summits we eventually came out in the beautiful natural amphitheatre of the Coire na Sleaghaich. We rested here and admired the view for a few minutes before pressing on, just as we where heading for the steep grassy slopes up to the col just north east of Sgurr Dubh we noticed a small herd of Red Deer staring intently at our every movement. The group consisted of all females with a few young members sadly no stag was in view but it was still a wonderful sight, as we continued on they headed rapidly up to the col and disappeared out of sight.

Coire na Sleaghaich

Red Deer

Red Deer
We made it up to the col (not as rapidly as the Deer) and enjoyed the view over to Beinn Eighe for a few minutes before heading past the unnamed (on OS map) Lochan’s and up an initial scree section and then a longer steep grassy ascent onto the southern plateau of Slioch. There was still a little way to go to reach the Trig point (980m) but as we had done all the hard work we where soon standing next to it taking pictures. We found a great spot to have lunch looking down on Loch Maree with its many little islands. A solitary Raven was looking around for scraps being brave and edging closer and closer to us, obliging we flung it some bread and because of this it seemed to follow us eager for more as we headed over to Slioch’s high point standing at 981m. The views down to Loch Maree from here where glorious also to the north the Fisherfield Forestand in particular An Teallach came into view. We continued on and headed over a very enjoyable and safe ridge walk to Sgurr an Tuill Bhain, as we were crossing this ridge the cloud started to engulf Slioch’s summit so yet again we timed it perfectly for the views.
View to Beinn Eighe

Loch Maree
Slioch summiut plateau in view
Unnamed Lochan
Nearly there, all the hard work done
Lunch Time
Lunch view - Loch Maree
Our new friend
Loch Maree from Slioch high point
heading towards Sgurr an Tuill Bhain
An Teallach and Fisherfield Forest
The ridge leading to Sgurr an Tuill Bhain
Perfect timing for the summit as cloud comes in

The cloud had caught us up by the time we reached Sgurr an Tuill Bhain summit so we wasted no time and started our descent down out of the clouds and back into the Coire na Sleaghaich, when we reached the Coire we were pleased to see the same herd of Deer again, although I don’t think the feeling was mutual as they rapidly moved away from us.

After crossing the Coire we picked up the path we came up on and headed back down to the waterfalls and the footbridge. Now that pleasant 2 ½ mile walk in was not as pleasant on the way back especially with tired limbs but we eventually got back to the car and headed to the local shop for a refreshing ice cream. This really was a superb walk and will definitely live long in the memory.


  1. I should have been walking around here this week, but as the forcest was so bad we've delayed out trip until the weather improves!

    1. Thanks for the comment, fingers crossed the weather improves for you.

  2. You're obviously having an enjoyable time and the weather's OK judging from your fine photographs.

    1. Thanks for your comment we were so lucky with the weather. The only time it rained in the whole week was at the very beginning of this walk while we where walking along side the Kinlochewe river. Unfortunately it is now had a good time, we are back home and back to work it is all a distant memory now, but good memories. One more trip report to do, Beinn Damh should be up soon.