Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Ruadh-Mheallan

This "little" hill, I say little as it is dwarfed by its massive neighbours but still stands at a decent height of 672m sits just west of Beinn Alligin and was close to our cottage. After a couple of enjoyable and relaxing tourist days of going on a Whale watching trip (Alas no Whales but plenty of porpoises) a trip down to see Redpoint beach and a day in Inverness I was getting itchy feet so when we returned from Inverness I decided I would go and do this quickly. I set off from the viewpoint across a pathless terrain passing a few small Lochan's before a steep ascent up the grassy slopes to reach the summit plateau, it was well worth the effort as the views from this less visited peak where spectacular, once I was satisfied with the photos and panorama video I headed back to the cottage in time for dinner, the whole trip only took 2 hours but it was very enjoyable.

An Ruadh-Mheallan

View from one of the numerous small Lochan's
View towards Beinn Alligin
Heading up the Grassy slopes of An Ruadh-Mheallan
Looking out to sea
Beinn Alligin
Beinn Alligin Panorama
Summit plateau Panorama


  1. Great pics Phil. Two hours well spent I'd say and what great weather. We've all been very lucky! Thanks for all your comments while we were away.

    1. Thanks for your comment, it was a brief but very worthwhile trip out. The views from some of these lesser known summits can be just as rewarding.