Sunday, 3 June 2012

Back from Torridon

Well we've just got back from a fantastic week up in Torridon, unfortunately I have been incommunicado so I was unable post anything until now. Trip reports, photos and a couple of small panorama videos of Beinn Alligin, Beinn Eighe, Slioch, Beinn Damh and An Ruadh-Mheallan to follow.
We where very lucky with the weather, in fact I was go as far as saying it was glorious. I even got a bit sun burnt. We stayed at a cottage in Wester Alligin called Midwest cottage which was simply superb, it sits just above Loch Torridon and is well equipped with everything you would need after some long, hot and tiring days in the mountains, even a close by beach for a dip in the loch to cool off. The views across the loch from the large patio windows are great, also a short walk up to the viewpoint on the road to Diabaig gives great sunsets and easy access to An Ruadh-Mheallan at 672m

All in all a fantastic cottage, I would recommend it to any couples or families looking for a base to explore the area.

View from Midwest Cottage patio - Stunning

Slioch - on the drive to Gairloch 
Loch Torridon close to Midwest Cottage
View to Beinn Damh - on the road to Wester Alligin from Torridon village
Sunset near Diabaig
Sun and Moon near Diabaig


  1. Glad to read from someone else how marvellous Midwest Cottage and its surroundings are. Been there with our family two times and regret we cannot make convienient space to go back. Our little paradise...

    1. Thank you for your comment Phillippe, Midwest really was a superb cottage and in such a fantastic setting. Hopefully we will get to return there sometime in the future.

  2. Our come back is nearing as we booked (again) for Midwest Cottage, this summer. It will be the 3rd time in Scotland for the family, the 4th time for my wife and the 5th time for me. Our only drawback: due to our professional obligations, we are compelled to come during the summer period. We all wish to see Torridon and Midwest in spring, autumn or in winter....

  3. Hi Philippe thanks for the comment, I hope you and your family have a great time and the weather is kind to you. I'm sure we will return one day, next time with the kids.