Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Torridon - nearly there!!

Unfortunatley due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't get away last weekend, I had plans to have one last wildcamp in the Rhinogs, but will just have to put that on hold and therefore yet another one added to that ever increasing "to do list". Anyway I wasn't too fussed as my wife Alison and I will be setting off for Torridon, well Alligin Shuas to be precise, on Friday afternoon.

Everything is packed and ready, weather forecasts are looking very good so we hope to make the most of it. The current plan is Beinn Alligin, Liathach, Benin Eighe, Slioch, Beinn Damh, a low level coastal walk from the cottage around to Diabag and also hopefully get in a Whale watching trip. Well that is the plan anyway, things may change when we get up there.

I doubt I will have any phone reception up there, but if I do then I will try and post some live photos etc.
Obviously when I return I will be posting the trips and hopefully some good photos.

Can't Wait!!!

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