Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A brief and wet return to the Malvern Hills

Not much to blog about regarding walks in the hills etc over the Easter period. We went on a last minute cottage break in Llandudno which was a really enjoyable couple of days, we did however resist the temptation of the Tram and walked up to The Orme. From on top of the Orme looking over to Snowdonia the cloud looked very low, but I could make out snow on the hills.
Yesterday I did have the great idea of returning to the Malvern Hills this time to run along ridge, The reason I say great idea sarcastically is the weather was awful, low dark clouds and heavy rain. I parked the car in Upper Wyche, Ran up onto Worcestershire Beacon, which was very wet and windy. I headed back down to Upper Wyche and continued south over Perseverance Hill, Jubilee Hill, Pinnacle Hill and Black Hill. The wind and rain was relentless I looked at Megan who was now starting to look like a drowned rat and I had flash backs to when she suffered Hypothermia in the Black Mountains the story of that dreadful experience can be seen here. So with that fresh in my mind I turned back and headed back to the car, maybe being a bit over cautious but I didn't want to go through that experience again.

On The Orme - Over looking Llandudno
On The Orme - Over looking Llandudno


  1. If that's a topograph in the first picture, it brings back a few amusing memories of summit non-views, well in hindsight anyway, most annoying at the time to be told exactly what we were missing in the clag!.
    The Orme is one minor top we bypassed deliberately when we saw the hordes of tourists around the buildings at the top.

    1. Yeah the topograph was on Worcestershire Beacon, as you can see it was next to useless that day, I was lucky to see the trig point let alone the landmarks stated on it. Thanks for the comment Geoff.