Sunday, 4 March 2012

Not quite 50 miles in 24 hrs

Following on from my last post, I was part of a team of 6 which attempted to complete 50 miles in 24 hours in the Endurance 80 challenge around the Chiltern Hills. I had a dilemma before setting out, I would normally wear trainers like approach shoes for this type of terrain but we had to wear hiking boots as part of the rules. I own 2 pairs of boots some Mammut Mt trail XT GTX and some old Hi-Tec X-Lite boots which have holes and are not longer waterproof which I use just for dog walking, I favoured wearing the old Hi-Tec's as they would be more comfortable, however the forecast was for on off rain during the day on Saturday and heavy rain during Saturday night and Sunday morning so with this in mind I went with the Mammut boots, Totally over kill for this walk, but hey at least my feet would be dry. We set of at 7:30am on Saturday morning and I regretted the boot decision within the first 10 miles, the route had a few sections of road / hard tracks as well as the usual muddy fields, with the Mammut boots being fairly stiff my feet where killing me!! I managed to soldier on the the checkpoint just beyond half way but at 5:15pm had to call it a day. My feet had just had enough. 2 others from the team also dropped out at the same checkpoint with blisters. In the end out of the 6 of us that set off at 7:30am on Saturday 2 finished at 6:15am this morning. Well done to them, a fantastic effort.

I will try it again but next time I will have some more appropriate footwear for the terrain.

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