Sunday, 30 October 2011

Arenig Fawr - A nice return

After two and half months absence from the mountains. I finally managed to get out and about with a walk up Arenig Fawr on Friday. What a fantastic mountain!! Very remote with far reaching views, a real gem and again one I shall be returning to with a tent for an overnight stay. The remoteness of this peak means it is rarely visited and in fact I only saw one person all afternoon and that was on the summit briefly where we both commented on the fantastic views before he continued on. This being a Friday in the half term holidays and also a beautiful clear day, standing on the summit looking across to Snowdon in the distance I dreaded to think how busy it was up there. So I just sat back ate a flapjack and enjoyed the peace and quiet of Arenig Fawr.

Arriving and parking the car on the verge I set off with the dog up the clear track to Llyn Arenig Fawr. Following this track through a sheep filled moor which leads you easily to the Llyn and a small bothy, I had a quick nose around inside to see what it is like, very small and cosy where my initial thoughts, it is supposed to sleep 3 but really I think only 2, as the larger bench is too small for 2 people. Stepping over the stile we continued on and started our ascent of Y Castell.
Bothy by Llyn Arenig Fawr
Y Castell
It was a short but fairly steep walk up Y Castell, as we gained height the views opened up across to the Arans in the South and over to East where the Berwyns in the distance. We were also now starting to tower over the Llyn Arenig Fawr and the bothy started to look even smaller.


I made my way up to the flatter ground to the north east of the summit and followed the fence up to the trig point, once I reached the fence the main Snowdonia peaks where visable in the distance, although the higher peaks of the Snowdon, the Glyders and the Carneddau where topped with cloud it was still and fantastic sight. 

Cloud topped Snowdon and the Glyders
The final push up to the trig point was straight forward and we where soon chalking off another peak. The extensive views from the top where well worth the effort, as we had an unobstructed 360˚ outlook. Clockwise from North was Arenig Fach, The Berwyns in the East, Llyn Bala and the Arans to the South, Cadair Idris in the South West continuing round to the Rhinog's in the west and finally in the North West the main Snowdonia peaks. It was so peaceful on the summit that we stayed there for and hour taking photos, videos and just chilling out looking at the vista in front of us. It was a great feeling to be up on a mountain again especially on such a glorious day. We left the summit at 5:00pm with the shadows getting longer with each passing minute. 
As I mentioned I will certainly come back with the tent as I reckon you could catch quite a spectacular sunset from up here. Below are some photos I took, enjoy the views I know I did.

Megan Posing
Me posing - Snowdon in the distance

Arenig Fawr south Ridge with Arans to the left & Cadair Idris on the distant horizon

Sun Rays on the Rhinog's


  1. Great stuff Phil, one of our favourite mountain areas and relatively little climbed. Excellent views pictures there.
    The south ridge is a superb location for a camp, we've pitched there a few times.

  2. Thanks Geoff, appreciate the comment, I will be going back there, so will check out the south ridge.