Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May was a quiet Month

Well you may have seen from the lack of posts that May was a quiet month for me with regard to getting out in the hills, in fact so quiet I didn't make it out.
I'm hoping June will be a better month, my current plan is to go up to the Lakes with the dog for a solo 3 day / 2 night wild camp taking in a number of Wainwrights, as I will be booking time off work for this I'm waiting for a good weather window, reason being I don't fancy spending 2 nights in my little Vango Banshee tent with a wet dog!!
Also and I'm excited about this, my wife has agreed to try a wild camp with me, fantastic news. I will probably take her over to Snowdonia for this, I have a spot in mind. It will be interesting to see how she gets on without the comforts of a campsite etc (sorry dear, but you do like your comforts). I reckon it's all part of the fun!! I'm hopefull that will go well and she will then join me on others in the future.
Well there you have it, not a very interesting month from my "adventures" point of view but I will hopefully be posting some more trip reports etc in the very near future.

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