Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cadair Idris - Wildcamp 18/3/11

As I finish work at lunchtime on Fridays, I decided to take full advantage of the clear weather.
A quick chat to my wife and the green light was granted, I grabbed my kit and the dog (Megan) and we set off for Cadair Idris, My plan was to do a wild camp by Llyn Cau.

It a fantastic night not a cloud in the sky, the Moon (although a day away from being the Super moon) was still full and very bright, it light up the whole Cwm beautifully, Unfortunately the pics at night didn’t come out and didn’t do the scene any justice at all.

The next morning, I went round the Llyn & up the steep path to Craig Cau, then onto Penygadair. Spent about half an hour on the summit having breakfast as the views where great, then across to Mynydd Moel, and back down across the footbridge, going through the woods it was still only about 9:45am and there was a steady chain of people going up the other way. I got asked “you been up and down already”. When I explained that I cheated and camped by the Llyn the response was “wow, bet that was good”, well the answer to that is an emphatic YES, it was brilliant.

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