Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blencathra - Hall's Fell Ridge

August 2010
My wife and I spent a few days in the Lake District during our our week long camper van holiday. We were parked up at the Burn's Farm campsite and we could see Blencathra towering over us from the window of the van. We set of from the farm on our bikes and left them chained up in Threlkeld before continuing on foot. We where soon at the start of Hall's Fell Ridge continuing on we gained height very quickly, the lower parts of this ridge were just a straight forward steep walk. This soon changed and as the ridge narrowed hands were required, there was one small section about 2/3's of the way up which was pretty exposed and Alison did find this bit unnerving and required a 10 minute break to get her breath back. After this we pushed on and the final section was quickly chalked off and we came out on top turned around and look back down the ridge. The views from Blencathra are mighty fine we paused for while to take them in before heading back down the easy gradual path down Scales Fell, before following the path at the base back to Threlkeld to collect the bikes. A little sting in the tail awaited us as we had to bike back up the hill which leads to Burn's Farm from the A66 although nothing major it did feel like it after a days walk on Blencathra.

Looking up at Hall's Fell Ridge

Looking back down the ridge
Hall's Fell Top
People on Sharp Edge

Posing again!!

Nearly there

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